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After all your hard work, planning, and saving for a trip abroad, you don’t want to risk getting sick while you’re out of the country. Dr. William Holvik at Holvik Family Health Center offers travel medicine, which means he provides the vaccinations needed to protect you from illness and disease during your travels. If you have any questions, call his office in Visalia, California, or schedule an appointment online — at least two to three months before your departure — so you can get vaccinations and tips on how to stay healthy when you’re overseas.

Travel Medicine Q & A

What services are included in travel medicine?

The Holvik Family Health Center team wants to be sure your trip out of the United States is memorable, and not because you got sick and spent your vacation in bed. They stay up-to-date with the illnesses you may encounter at your destination and the vaccinations you’ll need to stay healthy while you’re there.

You should also have a checkup before you leave the country to be sure you’re in good health. Dr. Holvik also makes sure you have a sufficient supply of any medications you currently take.

Why do you need pre-travel vaccinations?

Vaccination programs have virtually eliminated contagious diseases in the United States, but some countries still house unfamiliar contagions. It’s also possible for health conditions like the flu to develop unexpectedly and quickly spread, so must get protection.

You can protect yourself from the diseases known to exist by getting the recommended vaccinations for the places you’ll visit. Health threats constantly change, but a few examples of concerns you could encounter include:

  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Typhoid fever

When should you schedule pre-travel vaccinations?

It takes four to six weeks for some vaccinations to take effect. Other vaccinations may require multiple doses that Dr. Holvik must administer a few weeks apart.

Schedule your first pre-travel appointment long before your departure date — at least two to three months ahead of time — to be sure you have time to get all your shots.

How can you prepare to prevent illness while you travel?

Dr. Holvik can help you plan and prepare for illness when you’re on the road. He may recommend:

Flu vaccination

Flu season occurs at different times around the world. Dr. Holvik checks these times against your itinerary to see if a flu vaccine is necessary.


It’s always a good idea to travel with essential medications for diarrhea, motion sickness, and malaria as well as antibiotics for international travel.

Chronic disease

If you have diabetes, asthma, or other chronic diseases, you may need additional shots to protect your health while you travel. You should also pack all the medications you’ll need in your carry-on luggage and take a copy of your prescription.